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Joe Black
12 July 1979
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Hello kiddies, this is your ole pal Joe_Black agian. Updating his personal BIO section. 5-07-2007

here's the poop!

I'm one of those jack of all trades master of none type of people. I do everything I can and at least try to be good at it... and if I can't do that I try to have fun (for example golf, can't play it worth anything but its just fun anyhow).

I love movies, music and theater.

don't get enough theater though. But I am a member of the local Comedy City troupe in Green Bay. Getting on stage there is very nice and lots of fun.

I "run" the community MonkiesandBacon, which is basically dead (Political satire with monkies didn't take off like I wanted). For all those who love to bash politics, organized religion and such but do it mainly on a sarcastic note. All for fun. I have a hard time updating this and it has kinda fallen off the side of the planet. Its a shame. Monkeys are fun and fairly similar to politicians.

My internet usage has changed to playing lots of City of Heroes. thanks to the fact I have DSL. I've never had anything but dialup at home until now. I do most of my browsing at work though, so I don't turn on my messanging software much at all.

I love gadgets and electronic stuff. I have purchased a nice little pocket pc and will have much fun with that now! Wireless Internet is great! I'm addicted to it fun electronic toys. That and DVDs. And Puppies (but luckily I can control myself from getting more puppies)

I am married to an Occupational Theripist. She works at some hospital in some other town.

I'm random and sometimes bipolar (or so it seems). I have horrible memory now as well, and I can hardly remember things I'm supposed to do. I'm probably making that sound more horrible than it is, I remembered all I wanted to do today... or did I?

Currently I work in commercial production at local TV station in the Green Bay area. The views expressed inside this livejournal are not those of my workplace or any other people associated with me. They are mine and only mine unless I quote someone else. Possibly, I may link up some commercials I did if anyone wants to see them.

I have tons of side projects on the waiting list. Books, Videos, thoughts, etc... They are just waiting for the time. Time, huh, that's funny... I used to have lots of it, now that I'm back in school (ITT for Multimedia) I hardly have time for much of anything. Luckily, I only have one more quarter left. It cannot go by fast enough for my tastes. I need to return to my writing roots (which I have been starting to warm up lately).
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