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Belljarstar: people get afraid of me cos all i do i class is sit there and stare. if someone talks to me, i'll smile and talk back, but only if they talk first.
are you god? if so, where do all of my socks disappear to?
Belljarstar: fly?
Drycin: trying to push the ticket on my irony factor I guess
Belljarstar: yeah, basically
Drycin: Only your left socks disappear.
Drycin: And they go to the mountain of lost left socks
Belljarstar: thank you!!!
Drycin: its a weird parallel dimension that only lost socks can enter
Belljarstar: so i can never go to retrieve them?
Drycin: and sometimes... just sometimes... the dryer can tap into this dimension and bring that sock back
Belljarstar: i should go and have a conversation with my dryer then. i always thought that they walked away cos i never washed them.
Drycin: I am the same way in class too. I answered a question in class today and the WHOLE class stopped and stared at me, because it was the first time about 98% of them heard me talk
Belljarstar: that is so cool!!!! way to go you!!!
Drycin: I'm sure socks that aren't washed grow legs... but they are probably walking to the laundry room
Drycin: :-P
Belljarstar: i need to go chase them down. i mean, they are my socks. i own them!!! they have to right to go off like that.
Drycin: If you truly love those socks... let them go... and if they come back to you, you know it was meant to be
Belljarstar: but it's hurts so much!! i tried to take care of them. i loved them and bleached them!!!
Drycin: you can bleach a sock every night.... but there is no telling where that sock is really going out at night... it may say its going bowling, but it could also be a the dry cleaners.... getting pressed.....
Belljarstar: don't say that!!! oh god no!!!
Drycin: all that bleaching....
Drycin: and the damn sock is getting pressed behind your back
Drycin: such a sad scenario
Belljarstar: i had to show my gramother this conversation. she is laughing so hard.
Drycin: :-D


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