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Breakfast at Denny's

Served by Adam.... I think...

Anyway. Had a pretty good time, hanging out with a few fellow coworkers after the shift was done. Enjoyed a good meal. Good service. Good conversation.

Just felt out of place. Like I was missing out on a bunch of inside jokes or what-not.

But there was a HUGE MULLET there. Man, I thought the thing was going to eat the guys head off. On a scale of MULLETS, this one got a frikken 10! Wholly crap. I was in fear of that man's mullet.

I'm slightly upset..... just that its a weekend.... and I'm not sure how to spend my time other than work.... I get easily stuck in a conundrum of nothing and bore myself.... or just lie in bed and wonder why there is a need to get out... and stay there until I'm too hungry to hold out from eating any longer.

I"ve got to dust. So much stuff is covered in it.
I want to talk to someone.... but there isn't anyone....

No, what I really want to do is look deeply into someone's eyes... someone who I think has beautiful eyes. And just watch them... I love watching eyes. I don't get to do that much.

well.... I guess.....
Oh yeah.... I get surprises all the time. Today I got someone from Maine IMing me on AIM. No clue who she was... still a fun little conversation. she is Janieee.

Turnip also said hello today, but just as I was getting ready to go to work. Turnip is always a fun conversation!

I think the quiet gets to me the most at night. That I can hear myself breathing... and feel the emptiness of the room around me.... No one to talk to.... tickle (gawd I love tickling), or comfortably sit in silence with..... just me and my flatter than hell mattress... and sheets that never want to stay on the bed. (wonder why I turn my cam off now?)

Be my friend.
I'm going to download a song as I get ready for bed.


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