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late night blog... about... imagry


last night I start up my sleep cd... lay my head down on my pillow... and start day dreaming...

before long I had an image of a man looking over the shoulder of a child in my head. Not disurbing, it looked liked something out of Rocket Clips (lame free use video). What really caught my attention was the fine detail of it. I could see very defined features. His hair had been clipped very short on his head, and each hair follicle was very defined. I started taking in the texture of his skin before I realized that the clarity of the image was outstanding, and possibly something I don't remember seeing before... Then, the picture crapped out like a television loosing reception. I tried pulling up other images in my mind to see if they could match the quality of the last image. No. Not one. They all were blurry, not precise, not even full featured faces... it was a let down. So, I tried something else. I allowed my mind to put the image up. Within minutes I saw trees. Tall slender trees. They faded in and out of focus, but finally solidified in a crisp and clear way, like the original image. This time I allowed myself to flow through the image, instead of manhandle it. The trees pushed past me and the image was no longer 2d, but a full 3 dimensional field of trees. Not only that, but it was in winter. As I moved through the trees I could see the aged bark on the trunks and the speckling of fungi on them as well. It was amazing.


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