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last night's dream


last night was a mix of a few dreams (as per usual since I wake up and fall asleep at least once during the morning). Anyway, the first part of my dream had a big noticeable function. There was a full screen UI to my dream... which is a first. When the full screen would pop up I could choose out of a bunch of options on what to do. I don't remember what those options were, but it would be like: I'd grab a pie... then UI would pop up with options like 1. eat pie 2. slam pie in someone's face etc.

then, the next portion was me working at a grocery store... like high school I guess. Anyway, it was a job... and I punched in and "worked". One thing I remember was that a lady messed up her cake, so I offered to get her a new one... and I ran all through the store to find another cake. It wasn't until the end did I find the row that had cakes... and metal fish statues. Anyway, there were no cakes like she had left so I went back to inform her, but she was gone.

and now its 920am and I'm ready to go today.


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Sep. 4th, 2008 10:49 am (UTC)
I'd be stuck on "press 2".
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