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another dream

The dream starts off as though I am watching a TV show with a bunch of people I know. The show contains characters I'm familiar with from the show Lost. As the dream progresses and I realize this, a voice (one of the people "watching with me") mentions that its cool because this is what is happening on the island while the six are back in civilization. I immediately doubt that, since a few of the six are on the island... and I get confused. The dream quickly changes. Its kinda the same, but now I'm part of it, and the island as quite the large community on it. The people there natively speak spanish, but can speak english as well. I end up becoming friend with people from the town and find out all these bad things happening to them because of a certain group of people across the island. I think its wrong, blah blah blah... anyway those bad people think me and my "friends" - the people who are also on the island that are not native, need to be removed, by any means. So we get chased. Eventually, we discover a boat/submarine thing to get us off the island, and we all pile in... but its sinking from the get-go. It turns out one of the people in our group sold out our idea of using the boat and it was sabotaged. We are able to make due with what we have going, we can delay the sinking enough to get going, but we are going to need to find somewhere to get off before too long or fix the hull... During this time people find out who the traitor is, oddly enough the guys name is Micheal. Another guy on the boat shoots him. Ladies on the boat accuse me of not trying to stop it... to which I reply simply with the fact that people died because of him, and we all would have met some kind of demise due to him back stabbing us all. He got what he deserved. They didn't like that answer and shunned me.

not long after that i woke up.


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