Joe Black (joe_black) wrote,
Joe Black

blog blog blog...

Haven't written in awhile... stuff has happened.

1. Took a cruise down the Baja penn. It was kinda chilly most of the time oddly enough, but it warmed up for the last day at sea. Was a decent cruise, but not top notch. Got to snorkel in cold water with a wet suite at Catalina Island. Then, got barked at by vendors at Ensanada, Mexico. Saw a decent stand up comic... some drunk chick flashed her boobs... Good lookin' Aussies. etc etc... drove Jamie's STi. Turbo chargers are fun!


2. Went to Great America and rode some roller coasters. That was fun... but long lines.

3. Auditioned for Rocky Horror. Got the part of Brad. It will be at the Appleton PAC ( in September (11-20th). Its apparently not listed. hmmmm....
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