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Went out to go bowling with friends. Its Thursday night... should be pretty much empty... NOPE. tons of people on "Spring Break"... tons of middle schoolers texting each other in the hallway.

So, we dump the idea of standing around waiting to bowl for going to the bar right there. I order the stupidest drink they have... the Buzz something or another. 5 shots of Vodka, A'serving' of Red Bull and a 'splash' of Mountain Dew. Bullshit. it was a small pitcher with some Vodka in it, mostly Redbull and probably a can of mountain dew. It sucked. Plain and simple.

So, if you are in the Green Bay "Metropolitan" area do not bother with drinks at the Pro Bowl in Howard. That bar sucks.

Anyway. Apparently Spice and Wolf wrapped up... with a crap ending. If they stop the series here it will be a waste. The whole 13 episodes got the characters going, but didn't satisfy any overall story. I want more, and they had better deliver. I want more dammit.

Ghost Hound on the other hand is just warming up, and showing no signs of being complete at episode 17. Pretty much diggin' it. Clannad had a preview of the up comming OVAs. It made me smile, but I want it NOW, not in the future. I'm friggen addicted to Key's stories. If that is sad, I'm sad. I'm also upset that I still don't have my 2nd DVD for Kannon with the box! grrr!

Someone come and watch Haruhi with me! I have the full series... it'll be fun! I want to watch it all again anyway. If not that, come and watch Air with me! That is messed up and sad...

anyway. Tomorrow is Friday. I've got to run tech two more nights. Then its the last week of rehearsals before Dreambound.


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