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Streatching the fingers

Just finished up chapter 6.

damn... I took a hit to the creative in the past month or so.

Around 11pm or so I knew tonight was the first night to start back up again. Sure, it wasn't a finely tuned machine that I finished, but it was the first draft. The crap draft that will become something much better down the road.

I also realized before writing this chapter that the original outline drug on too much with not enough action. So, effectively, I compressed the old chapter 7 into chapter 6... well, the stuff that was needed. The old outline had characters repeating information... or at least talking too much and not doing anything.

So, I moved up some information... added some things... and shuffled information. There is one thing that I did not feel good about, but I'm going to leave that up to the people who will read the rough draft for me and review it. See how they take it.

Hopefully, tomorrow I'll be able to do chapter 7. If I can successfully do that, I think I'll be able to keep rolling with this and get it tied up. Just have to do my gaming and anime in moderation...

anyway. Tomorrow I'm sending out more resumes. One to a place in De Pere... see how that goes. Now that I need to keep up with unemployment insurance. That will be a nice help in this situation. I wont be loosing my whole paycheck now, only part of it for a year at least (I hope I don't need it for nearly that long!)

But let me express one thing. There is nothing more magical than that moment when I know its time to write... When I just scribble madly on paper... or plan out scenes with myself in character... Mostly that moment, when I know its time... it feels incredibly good. I wish it would last longer, and more often... but that will happen when I do this more.

I'm setting myself up very well. Notes are taped to the wall... I'm focusing thoughts on this story (not the warm ups I had been doing - pity, I love that story... but it will come soon enough)

When its done, I can only hope it holds as much power for those who read it as it does for me. Drafted from a dream I had years ago that was clear and moving... that dream will be part of the story, hint - its not in there yet, but it will be.

in the end. If I'm satisfied with it, I'm sure there will be at least someone who will like it.


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