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Ever since I took up the opinion of Fred Galliger (sp?), writer/artists of Megatokyo, as to what to watch in Anime... things have become a little different.

He's one of those guys who gets fan subs. Now, back in the early 90's when I started watching anime fan subs could only be gotten by mail or at conventions. So, I only got a rare one here or there...

now, fan subs are more available, due to the internet.

anyway... I've been able to know the glory of new anime, before it hits the shelves in America because of this. It doesn't deter me from purchasing the DVDs, it excites me.

I just wrapped up watching episode 11 of Clannad, and that show does such great character work. Sure, it can drag an episode here and there... but I love how they present their characters. I'm currently enthralled by Kotomi, who technically is a book smart girl with no common sense... but I've liked her... I guess I'm excited for more episodes because she has become the focus and it's obvious something is going to happen sooner or later... she is hitting a high point... and these are the kinds of anime that are dipped in sadness and stuff like that (kinda like Air and Kanon).

Speaking of Kanon. That is the biggest treat yet! 2/12 is when the next DVD will be released and I'll be there busting down doors to bring it home and watch it immediately. Its so pleasantly different from the fan subs that I watched before.

So, for now, I'm pleasantly distracted from the fact that 5 Centimeters per Second is not released yet... DAMN YOU, ADV, release that delicious anime!!!


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