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Little Freewrite

When I was little, and sharing a bedroom with my older brother, there was something that separated me from everyone else. I can't exactly place a finger on it or say exactly what it was, but a mere string of events that I brushed off as bizarre and continued on with my life...

that was until they all came back. Yeah, imagine that. The other day I'm stumbling through my apartment in the dark when a light chill takes me. Now, I guess this shouldn't be a surprise with living near the coast in the San Fransico Bay area. Chill is normal around here. The problem was that this chill stuck to my bones. It reminded me of what the basement would feel like at my parents house when I was in high school and staying up late. Kind of eerie, someone is always watching you out of the corner of your eye.

Oh, but it didn't end there my friends. I saw the rabbit. Yes. The rabbit. Now, I only know what my sisters and parents have told me about claiming to see a bunny in my closet. Nothing prepared me for seeing it again.

There must have been a passing car or something because a flash of light came through the corners of my blinds and lit the room enough for me to see it standing there. A large seven foot rabbit with red beady eyes. I never thought I'd crap my pants from the look of a rabbit... and let me be clear here, I didn't... but I came damn close.

I managed to turn on all the lights I possibly could while finding anything I could use for a weapon. No messed up drug addict dressed in a bunny costume was going to get the jump on me. Oh hell no!

That was it though. I looked all over. There was no trace of it except for when the light flashed through the room. Take my word for it, I'm never leaving my closet door open at night again!

That was just the beginning of the horrors to come for me. Horrors that I managed to deal with as a child and I guess fend off temporarily. How I did it, I could never know. Some of those things that I barely remember seemed so innocuous then, but would probably unhinge me now.


quick free write for a story I mentioned earlier in the journal. I'm not really working on it, but I wanted to stretch my fingers before doing some serious writing a little later.


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Jan. 14th, 2008 04:11 am (UTC)
The first thing I thought of was Donnie Darko! Big huge 7ft bunny!
Jan. 14th, 2008 04:41 am (UTC)

I'm not sure the angle to take on that story yet.

Well, it has plenty of time to incubate and digest while I finish my first story...

speaking of which... I'm about to work on it...
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