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for the day, today

Its Thursday...

I'm workin' my works... listening to Drone Zone on SomaFM since Groove Salad is down for me a second day in a row. I still have almost 2 hours of work left tonight... and a full day tomorrow... I'm feeling short because of my vacation that is starting next week...


Got to fit in a workout again yesterday. Those have been few and far between since my trial membership at Western Racquet ran out, and I cannot afford to actually pay for a membership (just about anywhere). Unluckily, my time on the elliptical was cut even shorter because of my left knee... damn my knees. Fifteen minutes was all I could do before the pain was too much to keep going. Then lifted some weights. I'm glad to see my lifting is at least a little up after my trial period... not much, but enough to make me happy.

I need an Olympic curl bar... and something to do inclined crunches on... at least the bar is easy to find.

(hears audio from the other room) Well, I hear someone being recorded in the studio... I'll have another commercial to work on soon.

Sunday I have Xmas with the family, Monday with Kristen's father's family, Xmas day with Kristen's mother's family... 3 days of christmas before true rest. So... I'll be fat... out of shape and tired after this weekend.

But at least I'll have some presents I guess. Kristen got me stuff without much guidance by me... half of what Kristen got she specifically picked out in the store with me... but that only financially equals about 1/4 of her presents.

I just want my time off to write. Sadly, I wont be going to Norway Mnt. this weekend to patrol the slopes either due to bad weather, so I'm going to have to wait till midweek to go. Same for the week after... I'll probably go again on the 2nd of Jan... who knows. Just need to get myself on the snowboard more than once (since that is all I got in last year due to Theatre productions acting in and Video taping).


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