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Long Weekend Entertainment lowdown

Three things I watched or did this weekend to report on:

No Country for Old Men. Great movie, but its not for everyone. The characters are good, but at the beginning things feel like other movies, but soon after that the movie starts molding around a theme, and its very blunt about it. Its not all that similar to other Cohen Brothers movies, but its still worth checking out if you are a fan of their work.

Fido. Fun movie, but lacking in overall scale. I think its lacking due to a low budget, but it doesn't exactly hurt it. Its not Shawn of the Dead, but its still funny in its own way. Its worth the rent.

Manhunt 2. I had to check it out because of the AO hype. Its nothing special. I played the Wii version because of using the nunchuck to do the murders with... Well, the game is typical Rockstar flair... The murders are difficult to see because of crappy effects used to get an M rating... yet, you still get the idea of what is going on... but after awhile it gets boring... and at least for me, it starts to hurt. Doing the murders with the nunchuck is decent and responsive, but the regular game handling is kinda chunky... certain things will happen and it just upsets you because its just ridiculous. So, in the end its worth the rent but not the buy. I'll probably rent it again in the future to try and finish it for the story.


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