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Still sore

So, Sunday I volunteered to play goalie for Team Bob. Had a good time, it was too bad they didn't have their whole team, we could have given them a better run for their money (or maybe even won). But, it was fun.

The team that beat us asked if anyone would like to play again, they had a double header. I volunteered since I wasn't exactly worn out. I gave it my all at center mid/defense... and had a good workout. I also guarded one of those guys who kicks their shots at amazing speeds... and defended one of his shots on goal with my head, which made a LOUD noise, to which people watching responded with the sound of gasping and such. I just stood there and moved on... sure, I felt it, but it didn't hurt enough to complain.

On my way out the door I see Funk Times playing. I get brow beated by Egan to "suit up" and that "I was late", etc. I, even though having played two games already, suited up and joined in. I tried to float in the middle of the field and control that area the best I could, which worked... but a few times I moved back or forward, and that wore me out. One of my better runs on goal had me shoot, get blocked, recoved and shoot again, get blocked, reverse head shot (which probably wasn't even close) and fall over... It took me awhile to get up. I had a few tiring moments of which I could only walk, and even that was a chore. It was a decent time... even if we played a team that wasn't happy with beating us 9 - 4 (think that was the end score)

anyway... phew.... I have been SORE since. Hopefully, tonight at the show we are broadcasting I don't need to get too crazy with my shots or I'm going to be hurting.


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