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morning dream

I was in a large, empty, Costco-looking warehouse with a bunch of people I know. We are all deciding on how this thing we are going to do is going to work. One person in the middle is handing out assignments and maps. I get assigned and receive a map and start walking down the warehouse to my spot on the map.

In the middle of the warehouse are a number of fake buildings (only 1 level each). So, I follow my map to the building I'm marked to stay in. I'm the "good guy" in the building. I still don't know how this game works yet. I reach the building and take my spot. Soon, another person enters the building and takes their spot, he is the "bad guy" in the building.

We chat about not knowing how this game of hide and seek/tag/cops and robbers is actually going to be played.

Before long others are moving about, apparently the game is on. The two of us in the building watch out the fake windows as people run/mill around outside the fake building.

Then, I'm taken back... Mary Steffel is running around with them. I am confused at this point... she is supposed to be in South Korea... then, I see Carrie Masse! Well, they must be on R&R or some sort of extended vacation from their work in South Korea.

As the game progresses, it shifts from a game with friends, to a normal neighborhood full of people I don't recognize, nor am I me either. While in casual conversation I make a joke about something by referencing the game Bioshock. Quickly, after making that joke I'm being hauled to a Bath Sphere and a person is going to take me down to Rapture. I am adamant that I am not going down unless its cleaned up, safe and no Splicers. The person trying to get me to get into the Bath Sphere with them assures me its all better now.

I travel down with them. Yes, Rapture has changed. Its more modern now. To top it off... and sadly... Wal-Mart is down there now. That saddens me. Yet, while walking through Wal-Mart I notice a gruesome event involving a baby dieing in a horrible way. I am noticeably concerned that things may not have fully changed to normal down there yet.

I am allowed to return to the surface to find a former Little Sister. I go to a school where one once attended to look for clues... this school is very odd and the students are threatening. Not long after becoming concerned at how they are treating me I find the daughter of a former Little Sister and I get her to her mother and get them to a Bath Sphere... while being chased by these scary students I shove them in the transportation and jump in after them, but it buzzes because of too much weight inside... so I jump out while slapping the level to send it underwater. I watch the Bath Sphere plummet into the sea as the threatening group of bizarre students catch up... and I wake up.


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