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So, in this dream I start in Germany at a Air Force base. Kristen and I are flying military apparently. I walk up to the information booth and find Melissa, a friend from high school who I see rarely, who is now in the Air Force apparently and working there. Anyway, she tells us our flight we wanted to get on was cancelled. So, we start leaving when suddenly ZOMBIES ATTACK!

People start panacing and stuff, but I've watched enough zombie movies to be sure of myself. I start punching the zombies in the back of the head, and running for it with Kristen.

We do this across the base, finding safe spots... then the spot is invaded etc...

Then, there is a cut away to a zombie married couple. The husband is smater than the average zombie, but not full adult mind. The wife on the other hand has not lost any intellect... but she has lost her body from the neck down. So she will bark commands at her zombie husband, and the husband will pick up her head and do what she says.

Anyway, they come after us... waaaay more effectively than the other zombies. This goes on until I wake up early in the morning, then go back to sleep.

The next dream is me studying in a library while eating cereal. A few tables down from me is a table filled with guys in their 20's. One gets up and walks over to me and says, "So, you brought your cereal huh?"

I nod and keep doing what I'm doing. While this guy shoves his hands into my bowl of cereal and mushes it around. He then walks back to his talbe of friends, all of them laughing and high fiving him.

I'm confused... so I grab my bowl of cereal and walk over to their table. I talk to the guy who shoved his hands into my breakfast, "Listen, I really don't want to eat my cereal anymore since you shoved your hands in it. So, you can have it." As I bring the bowl over to him (who is sitting down) I purposly spill most of it ontop his head, and then put it down in front of him. with a half ass "sorry."

He gets all huffy and repeats something like, "Did he just do that?" or something... while his friends all act the same way. As I calmly walk back to my table, one of the guy's friends follows me back and starts bitching at me. I let him do it, but he just keep going on and on, so I grab his shirt and try to pull him close to me and tell him to shut up... but he pulls away and keeps yambaggering at me. So, I just flip him the bird and hold it up in front of his face while I go back doing my studies.

While he is still going off, I slowly wake up and notice I am holding my arm out and flipping off the ceiling while lying in bed. I find that humorus. anyway, I wake up a little early because of this...

and in the end... I wake up with enough time to watch TECH BITES for the first time this week! wooooo!


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