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so far...

this week has been on a low...

too hot to do much of anything (specially with that damned humidity).

But, it looks like I may be able to get back on track with working out... Mondays, Wednesdays and Saturdays/Sundays are Biking and weights... weekend may just consist of Soccer for aerobic activity though... we'll see...

Outside of that, I feel that I've cut down on extraneous things that have been getting in my way of moving forward... but those cuts haven't been filled with productivity... they have been filled with "doing things" with the wife instead (watching movies, TV, etc). So, even with that stuff cut down on, I'm still feeling like a procrastinator and not using my time wisely... but I really don't have anything to cut back anymore until school is over in September... ugh... and just when I was getting a good jump on writing and stuff...

Although, the other night we watched the new DVD version of Secret of Nihm. Which is only special because it is widescreen, I'm not sure if they digitally cleaned it up or anything (doesn't look like it). Either way... It was a long time coming for me to get that movie on DVD and in Widescreen (every time I saw it for the past five years or so, it was full screen)

Classes this quarter...

Portfolio... aid in creating a good porfolio and interview skills
Web Design... make a website using HTML
Capstone... redevelop a children's educational website's multimedia (by far the biggest project I've done in school)


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