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bike and school

got my bike...

I also had my portfolio class. it was the teacher talking for 3 hours... ugh... I'm imagining every week like this. I don't care if he says the class is easy, I'm going to be bored to tears every tuesday night...

I feel done with school, so this is like a sharp pointy stick that I have one last quarter left.

It also feels like I have cheated. I keep hearing grades other people have gotten in classes we have taken together or at different times but with the same teacher... and I feel somehow that I cheated...

One example is for Animation II. I didn't feel my project was all that great, and I didn't study for the final... I walked away with an A. Now, a guy who I was in class with last night tells me he got a D+... I have no clue why. I felt his Model was much better in detail and look than mine... sure it may not have moved as well as he would have liked, but considering that I walked away with an A... how did his go so wrong?

I don't know... I got a 4.0 last quarter and I'm booting a 3.89 or something for the program. I don't feel excited about it ending or being accomplished... I don't know... I need it to be over so I can move on and that is where my mind is.


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