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Very hot...

After work yesterday, I thought to myself... I'm going to test drive some bikes...

so I did... I drove over to the Bike Hub and tried some out. First I rode one bike about 4 miles... then another bike around 6 miles. (rough estimates)

But, I came directly from work... so I was wearing corduroy pants and a black shirt... Needless to say I was sweating profusely due to the 85 degree weather with high humidity.

I was fine though. It actually made me happy to see that I was still in at least that good of shape to not pass out or anything after that. (specially because I did all that biking in under an hour or so)

then, this morning I had a combo dream moment.

First, I was dreaming that Kristen was yelling down the stairs, angrily, at me about what I wanted to eat for dinner tonight. I answered with a stock, whatever... and she became more upset and gave me two options, Stir Fry or Spagetti... So, I yelled back Stir Fry... except the fact was I actually did yell it in reality... to which I hear Kristen laugh at me for yelling in my sleep. I'm embarrised a little and go back to sleep...

This time, I'm part of a Super Hero team. Its late at night and we are going to check in on this other Super Hero team in a house. THing is, we are using our powers to sneak into the house and scare them. Unluckily, they find out about it because one of us is seen... and there is a slight, mock, super battle that insues in the backyard which alerts the neighbors. So, in order for us to distract them... we throw a block party! Next thing I know, I'm walking down the street telling which band is next to perform and being friendly with all the neighbors.

Somehow this transitions into me being in some town in California... like the size of Vacaville, but its along the water. I end up talking with this lady about her job... she is a talent agent. Eventually, in our conversation she starts writing something out for me. I ask to see it, and she was trying to fool me into signing a contract with her to be my agent for about $150 for a year. I tell her, in Green Bay there is no way I'll need an agent in that town, not that anyone pays for acting talent around here anyway. She shrugs and we go our seperate ways.

Next thing I know I'm in an apartment with a bunch of people... I walk around and end up in a "who is more over the top than the other" with a person I've never met before. Suddenly, we are in a cafeteria and someone else jumps in on the game... its Lindsey Lohan... why? I don't know. Except, now the game is who is going to do the most obserd or obscene thing in public... She ends up flashing me, so I easy countered with whipping my thing out... At which point I stopped it all because legally it could definately get messy and I quickly walked away before she could do anything to counter me.

there might have been more... but I don't remember at this moment...


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Jun. 13th, 2007 01:04 am (UTC)
I'm a fan of the Bike Hub. Did you get a bike? Let's go on a bike ride!
Jun. 13th, 2007 12:07 pm (UTC)
Yes, yesterday I picked it up.

I now own a damn good bike, and I'm ready to ride!

just say the word!
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