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future of entertainment...


I have been writing a play for Venture off and on for the past few months... I brought the second part to write club. They had nice things to say about it, but it didn't exactly feel constructive. I noticed one glaring error I made from listening to people read it (they didn't find it glaring, but whatever). Let me gander a guess that if I showed up more often with new material from said play, I think it would get treated with more interest.

Well, we'll see. I'm still on the fence with how long it will be. I think it will be too long to be a one act, but too short to be a show on its own.

I'll have to see when I start buckling down with non-school stuff coming up soon.

Speaking of plays, I'm eager for this season of Venture now that I'll be out of school in September I wont have a reason to not partake in plays. Plus, it sounds like an amazing lineup this year.

In Non-play news, I really should start putting more emphasis on the novel that I'm going to restart this fall instead of the one I'm working on now to get my brain back in the correct mind-set for the creative process. I'm almost becoming too consumed by the plot of this story instead of the one I will work on. They are two very different monsters as well. One is colonial america folk story, while the one I'm dinking with now is a sci-fi adventure with fantasy elements hidden within it. One is trying to create a viable reality and the other is trying to stay as true to history as I can while still bending it to my desires for the sake of it being a folk tale.

NON-WRITING news....

I'm in a rut of headaches. I think since thursday I've had a headache every day. I hate these ruts.

Didn't get out this weekend besides going to the golf range on Friday and soccer on Sunday. At least I had Lee and Natalie stop by and hang out.

I'm horribly itchy to do stuff physically. I'm going to purchase my bike this week. Its about $319. It hurts to think about a bike costing that much, but I do expect better things of it than the bikes I used to ride all the time from the local hardware store that all cost under $90. The last one I purchased was utter crap, and it didn't help that I didn't have a protected place to keep it out of the rain most of the time either... this bike will be treated like a car because of its price tag. Then, I can see myself using it just about every day. I need to get my endurance back that I'm horribly lacking, plus get my fat percentage from about 10% back down to 5% again. (okay, so that last part is a little vain, but its possible... and it was nice to have a washboard stomach... at least when I woke up every morning...) Speaking of, my workout bench hasn't been getting much use since I started school... that will change as well. I will have a set routine that will only be broken for group social interactions, or at least something that requires getting out of the house.

My video game playing has dropped drastically. I hardly am in City of Heroes anymore, which I consider good, well... better than spending almost all my free time with it. Console gaming has gone up slightly, but nothing ground breaking. I purchased Portrait of Ruin and love it. Next game purchase will probably be either Smash Brothers Melee or the new DS Final Fantasy Tactics. I'm considering a 360 to play GTA4, but I probably wont.

Life in general has turned into a ticking clock. If I can't get done what I want to get done I'm wasting my time. I have piles of work to do... and I know for a fact if I don't organize my life after this run of school, nothing will change and the pile will only become larger. Changes have been made since December... good changes, and debatable changes... but the fact remains is that these changes are honing my focus on what I need to get done. Not only my writing, but the work that needs to be done with myself. I am my own largest project. I haven't gotten myself inline in a long time and I need to do that before I can succeed at anything. It being done, but its a slow process... with no guarantees.

well... that was a post-full... sorry about that.


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