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sleeping better?

sure... I've fallen asleep probably within minutes of laying down this weekend. So, at least that is a plus.

had a rather down weekend for the most part though. I had a headache going into saturday night... and rolled out of bed a 1:30pm Sunday... after having my headache coma.

during that time I had very vivid dreams of me "sneaking" or "posing" as a military member again. I moved back into dorms... try and cover up the fact I have longer hair than military rules... and when I looked at my face in a mirror it looked like me, but a female version (only saw my face), plus I had at least five piercing to take out ( two in ear, two in nose, one in my cheek). I spent my time observing my environment more than anything else in those dreams.

Soccer was fun, we lost, but fun. I have at least three bruises on my right leg from the game. Although, more people seemed to feel for me when I took a shot to the nuts (they didn't make that goal). After was a cookout at the Steffels. Good times.

I picked up the box special version of The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya and I'm pleased with it. English voices are decent, I don't really care for the english actors, I think they try too hard to sound like the japanese voices... but what does it matter when I can turn on japanese voices.

Then, there is Castlevania: Portrait of Ruin. Love it. Its difficult, but not too insane. I'm very much enjoying it.


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