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today was a great example of waves...

Ready to do a shoot - up

Find out its cancelled - shrug and level out

Editing at work - normalized

Working on fun logos - up

Meeting people after work - up

Practice - oddly down

post practice - down

House of the Dead - up

Night back at home - normalized...

not a horrible day by any means... but more of a wavey day than normal...

I had a Whiskey Sour today... no big deal, but after having it was that feeling of it would be fine to have another, and I know that in the end it would just lead to me taking myself to a stupid place all the time again and again if I just started drinking willy nilly again... so, like I said, that is my quota for the month, unless something special comes up I guess - then moderation -

What I'm happy about - Doing more with myself instead of staying inside all the damn time. I'm getting out... seeing the sun and participating in anything with people.

What I'm not happy about - I guess the best description would be a feeling of guilty or any or everything. Then again, I am not sure of how to alleviate this just yet... well, that will come in time.

Thought I was going to drag down the scene I did in practice because my attitude wasn't where it should have been during practice... luckily, I pulled something out of my ass that worked and didn't destroy everything that Amanda and Tony set up.

its about midnight and I know when I lay down... I'm going to lay there for about an hour before actually falling asleep... just one of those nights I guess.

wanted to drive the highways today... but I had places to be... maybe some other time.


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