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I outlined a very generic lineup for how I want the current novel I'm working on to go. I decided on 24 chapters at the average of 10 pages per chapter. Sounds like a solid base to work with. It ended up being a little difficult to make it into those constraints. The number of chapters may change, but that doesn't matter.

Anyway, what is awesome is when I am pulling ideas from my head to fill in gaps that I had not thought about yet. So, I start filling in the outline... when suddenly, I am at a point where I realize... holy crap, it all came together! Not only did it all come together the first time sketching an outline, but the new ideas melded almost perfectly with the old ideas... and the big new things worked better than I thought.

I'm excited about it... but the thing is... this story is all about getting me writing again, its not about finishing it. Keep in mind, these free writes I've posted, and the idea as a whole have been bouncing around my head for years. Once I get time to sit and write full stories I'm going back to the novel I said I would finish first. It's short, and the rough draft is about a quarter of the way done. I miss that story, and I've tried jumping back into writing it during school, but it never really worked out... in the end I just fixed grammar and adjusted odd things.

I feel good about the writing. Its what I feel I should be doing. Its what I am happy doing.


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