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well, at least the night... or more accurately, this morning, had some relief for me. I had a nice dream to pocket despite the anxiety I've been going through.

I'm working at a fast food restaurant. I'm basically new, and the management apparently is allowing me to feel out the job (more accurately allowing me to slack off). I leave the front side of the place, since its filled with customers and I'd like to avoid them, and head to the back.

I end up sitting in one of the drive up windows. Looking around, I don't see anyone else around so I put on the headset as a truck pulls up. I open the window to take the guy's money before he gets the food at the next window, but I don't see what he owes anywhere. There is no monitor with a list of orders, nothing on the cash register... and the guy stops between my window and the next one. I notice that there is someone leaning out the next window looking confused. So, I tell the driver of the truck to move ahead to the next window and that guy will help him.

Quickly, I take the headset off and move on. There was some stock in the basement that needed moving or something... So, on my way there I run into a line of people. Not sure if they were customers or just people standing around in the back of the fast food place... but I had to get through them. So, I end up cartwheeling and backflipping through them.

When I land Katie Guzek randomly appears and claps excitedly for seeing me do that. Hell, I'm impressed with myself that I did it.

Some other stuff happens, but basically at about this time I wake up to the alarm clock.


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