Joe Black (joe_black) wrote,
Joe Black


Played a pretty good soccer game on Sunday...

We didn't win, but we didn't loose (... we tied...)

but, it was an exciting game.

I received the nickname Stickzilla from a guy on the team we played against. I guess I'm still very skinny today... Well... maybe one day I'll bulk up... okay, it'll be doubtful, but it might happen.

This week... I have lots of 3D animating to do.

Tonight I have to rush through my Monday final so I can get to the read-through of Quigely's new script that will be playing on stage for the next children's show.

Other than that, I'm pleased with my freewriting I've done, and I'm tossing ideas on what to freewrite about next. There are different ideas on what to do next, but whatever I do will depend highly on how much of the secret about what is going on behind the scenes... which is what I'm at odds with while writing... how long do I script out the people, instead of the plot... yet, the idea is once the reveal is given... I hope the action starts flowing insanely fast... but, I'm only in the brainstorm/freewrite phase...
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