Joe Black (joe_black) wrote,
Joe Black

Posting Aqua Teen is a terror hoax?

You've got to be kidding me!

Officers arrested two guys who posted electronic advertising boards around... and claimed that it was a terror hoax...

this cannot float in court. Seriously, they knew what they were doing... advertising for a TV show. But, since a bunch of people who flipped out and mistook it for something it wasn't.... now its a terror hoax?! Give me a break.

Specially when its been stated that bloggers knew about it and posted about it... guess it would have done some police some good to watch cartoons or read some blogs.

People being upset about this shouldn't be upset at Turner Network, they should be upset with their local police or politicians who couldn't see a lighted magnetic board for what it was... hell, this character is on TV, on T-shirts... etc...
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