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Two shorties...


I was getting off a cruise ship somewhere in Mexico. I look over to the next pier where another cruise ship is letting off its patrons as well. Except, they get to depart the ship via water slide. That makes me sad that my ship doesn't have that option. I ask a nearby guy who works on the boat and he says they are working on theirs and might have it ready for the next port of call.


For some reason Jared is dressed up as Link (before I read the thread on the CC discussion boards), but he is wearing a tunic that is blue-ish/purple. Anyway, I complement him on his outfit and say that I wish I could wear something like that to work, but I can't because people would make fun of me too much (or something... which doesn't make sense, I was at work not long ago dressed as a Pirate!). Jared steps aside and Marybeth appears. She seems distraugt. I ask what is wrong, and she hands me a bunch of discs that look like orange records, but they have holes in them and stuff drawn and written. She goes into explaining something about her home planet and that she desperately needs to get back to it. The disks are star charts and stuff and I have no clue how to read them or use them. She paces in the room almost crying, leaving me to look at the disks. I am just about to say something to try and calm her down a bit, or comfort her a little, but she takes my sound of about to talk as 'You found it!'... Her tears hold back for a second and she brightens up and looks excited and happy, and it tears me up to have to tell her no, and tell her that I was going to say something comforting... and that I have no idea how to use the star charts. Then, I wake up feeling bad that I gave dream world MB hopes up... and crushed them... Work at least was busy so that made that sour feeling go away.


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Dec. 8th, 2006 07:36 pm (UTC)
On the brightside, I was dressed up as Link!
Dec. 8th, 2006 08:20 pm (UTC)
and I was... and AM jealous. It was a great costume!
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