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This morning

I feel a little ill, if not weak this morning...

I don't know if I can blame my dream or not... but I woke up not happy about it.

The dream started off fine. Spending time on a houseboat with friends at some vacation like spot. Very nice place. I remember Kristen making a big deal about the spiders... Not much interesting happens.

Then, the dream turns at one point. There are people capturing wolves I believe. They have caught their frist three... and I can hear them. They are angry at people for locking them up and very concerned about the other wolves. Since I'm walking around I get associated with the people capturing them, and they express their dislike of me as well.

Time shifts and now there are at least 10 more wolves captured. These are not like the first three. They are scared and sad. All I can do is walk around and feel their pain.

Time shifts again... there are now about 30 wolves captured, but I cannot find those intial three. The other wolves tell me that the "protectors" were killed. Those three were in charge of keeping the other wolves safe. I walk through the rows of dogs and feel like crying because they all believe they are going to be killed as well.

Time shifts... most of the wolves are gone. I am told by another person to load up the last few crates onto a flatbed to have them shipped out. With a hand cart I lift one large crate onto the flatbed. The crate is marked "live animal". I only move the one crate, because I can't bring myself to move anymore.

Doesn't sound that bad... but it was sad.
and after having a bowl of cereal this morning I don't feel so well...

On a brighter note, I love the graphic I'm working on in 3D studio... very nice!
boo to the fact I must do two more lab projects too for class... teacher didn't tell me to have those done!

anyway... should probably work,... since I'm at work...


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