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In short...

I grew up in an orphanage along side a wide river. Around the shore were many docks, the kind that floated on the water, instead of being anchored down. That is where we (the kids at this orphanage) always played.

While playing we saw people lock something away in the nearby woods. Whatever they locked away was put into a large metal case with a heavy door. The people who were locking these things away saw us peeking and collected all of us up.

The next thing I know there are flashes of images... The door being opened... seeing very colorful looking insects inside and being curious. Then, noticing that they were not insects but little pixies... angry pixies. Apparently, the people who locked them away couldn't fight them, only contain them. So, they locked them away hoping to be able to forget about them forever.

time passes....

I'm about my age now. I'm back along the river near the orphanage to have a get-to-gether for all the children that were raised there. I walk along the docks that are still there and see people that I hardly remember, because they look so different, and others that I couldn't forget. After a group of us gather and talk we hear something... together we follow the sound and it takes us back into the woods a little. Uncovering some brush we find the metal case being broken open from the inside.

One of the others opens the door. I see a single pixie inside... and it isn't happy. I have some flashbacks again...

I'm a kid again, along with the others who were caught by the people locking the pixies up. We are being put into the metal case and fighting the pixies. We kill all of them... so we think, but apparently one survived.

The pixie knocks the door open and flies out of the metal case like a ball of fire. She is angry and ready to set to whole forest on fire and kill us too. Almost instantly I feel sick and dizzy. I collapse to one knee... and get a little bit of tunnel vision... and suddenly a HUD (heads up display) appears in my vision and I have some new found 'strength' in me to stand up, but it is a robot strength... almost like it isn't me.

I look to the pixie and my HUD locks on to it. I raise my right arm and it opens up at the forarm and hand and turns into a weird cybernetic contraption. I look at it confused and scared as to what happened to my arm, but my body is still doing what it is doing and I shoot some lasers from my cybernetic arm at the pixie.

I don't know if I hit it or not.. but I come back to reality and I can only stare at my arm that has opened up to reveal cybernetics underneath. I can only lightly touch it... I cannot speak... I don't see anything else... I can't understand how this happened or why. I'm just scared as to how much of me is just components and what of me is real....


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Aug. 8th, 2006 11:04 pm (UTC)
Have you been watching ghost in the shell lately?
Aug. 9th, 2006 01:21 am (UTC)


never really thought of that until you mentioned it.

Aug. 9th, 2006 09:49 pm (UTC)
I'm sorry to tell you, I've been sent to watch you since when we first met kicking a basketball around like a soccer ball. And now that your having flashbacks, I need to take you out. You better learn how to control your cybernetics and quick.
Aug. 9th, 2006 10:19 pm (UTC)
ummm... yessir....!
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