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worth repeating...

A had a good dream last night.

In the dream I was in a group of pilots that were in a special military program. We were fighting against an alien invasion of sorts. Part of the project was that we used some of their technology to build better fighters to deal with their threat. Something bad happened with our group and we were disbanded. Although the military tried to cover everything up and seperate us, we found a way to connect. We plotted a way to get back to our experimental jets and make a go at fighting the invasion.

The dream was like playing Ace Combat 5 for parts of it. I was flying an F-18 or something across the nation to get to the place where the military had put our jets into storage. Along the way I had to take out our own defense so that I wouldn't be detected. With minimal damage I passed to were the jets were hidden.

I had to sneak into a hanger where they were kept. Inside it was empty. I enter slowly, from around corners other pilots snuck in. There were seven of us. Six of us were the pilots and one was our information and ground control. Unluckily there was one guard there that I didn't see. He recognized us and tried to call in a threat. I couldn't allow this to happen while being so close... So I punched him... in the face.

---Now, this is ground breaking here. I actually PUNCHED him. My dream didn't try to stop me like it usually does. Usually its like fighting through jello, and its not worth it. There is hardly ever any violence in my dreams. ground breaking---

My first punch made him stumble back into a support beam, but he wasn't out. Behind me the other pilots are rushing to their "jets" The guard is still able to report, so I can't leave him. So, I punch him again in the face. This time he collapses to the ground. plus, the extra detail I see next to him is that I knocked out one of his teeth. (GROUND BREAKING!)

At this point my fellow pilots are getting their jets running. The thing is with these jet is... that right now they are hanging from the rafters... and they are little orange "pods" basically. But when a pilot gets inside they start expanding, as the dual engines form and stick out from the rear of the pod.. Then, the wings form after the engine is fully ready.

I run past the guard I knocked out and head for the last jet. The seventh member of our team shouts for us to hurry, more are coming and runs off.

I get inside my jet and soon we are all in the air. Traveling across the world. Soon the lush green foliage turns sour and buildings become burned out... over the microphone between all the pilots I mutter "things have gotten so bad so quickly." One of the other pilots tells me not to think about it, and we continue on.

Soon our instruments sound off with alarms that there are enemies nearby. Our jets morph again into a strike form. We engage the alien invaders and its Dog-Fighting fun.

Before the battle is over (we did very well from what I remember) the dream has started over... this time it is more difficult to get to the hanger. And once at the hanger it is now full of guards. The pilots and I decided to try and sneak in from the back.. Just as we are about to get into the jets, some guards start turning. Luckily I'm in uniform this time and our Seventh man had driven a hummer into the hanger, and I spot him backing up. This is hiding all the other pilots. We use that as a way to get into our jets before they can stop us.

I jump in mine and take off. Mind you, every time we take off from the hanger, we crash through the ceiling... forgot to mention that.

This time when we hit the dog-fight... my cockpit turns into a massive arcade game. There is a huge mechanicle seat with a yoke that I manuver around 5 or 6 large screens. On the screens the same battle is going on. There is also some guy drinking a soda and watching me play the game.

Then, the dream recycles.... More difficult to get to the hanger... and once there, there are more guards. Well, I don't really remember how it went, but I do remember that at one point I saw Mike and Peggy... and I felt bad that we were trashing the hanger, because it was their hanger.

I never made it to the third dog fight, because my cat Bacon decided to walk onto my chest, steping and purring for me to pet him. I tried to fall back asleep as soon as his itch was satisfied, but to no avail. This is going down as one of my most fun dreams! I really enjoyed the dog fighting. The punching was different, but meh, I can do without that business...


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Apr. 18th, 2006 03:47 am (UTC)
Get outo f my head!
Know what's creepy? Every morning when I wake up, I can recall my dreams. They've never involved violence; the dream always stops before it gets that far. But this morning I woke up and recalled last night's dream, which involved me and our friend Josiah in a cage match, TO THE DEATH against two other long-haired mean lookin' guys in my uncle's kitchen.

The guys both ganged up on Jo and I went to help him, hitting one of the guys in the head with a 1x2 board, which didn't do much more than call attention to me. The guy started smacking me around, and then I could feel myself going dizzy and blank, about to pass out and thinking it was funny I didn't feel anything.

That guy went back to smack Jo around, and I didn't pass out. Instead, I found a sledge hammer and applied it to the back of this dude's head. He fell over, and goo came out of his ears; maybe it was brains.

Then Jo and I running around avoiding the law. While we were required to fight to the death, it was still illegal.

Jeez....no stress here. :)
Apr. 18th, 2006 12:07 pm (UTC)
Re: Get outo f my head!
well then!

remind me to never fight with you! I don't like sledgehammers to the back of the head!

Yeah, most of the time, when dreams become confrontational, something odd happens to disalow violence... its always been odd, but interesting.

Also interesting that when I tried to visualize my dream this morning, I couldn't stop singing the Toy's R Us song... and I lost some of the dream... but I couldn't get that song out of my head!
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