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The weekends are never long enough...


Well. I'm excited about getting to the next write club meeting. I have a script I'm working on that I like and would like to develop it with those who are at those meetings.

The only problem is I have no overall plot right now. There is definate movement, conflict, and character development... but I don't even know where it is all going right now.

Plus, I'm trying my best to avoid stupid downer, omnesciant, student film feeling. I want to be able to look back at this script and nod in approval, not shake my head and roll my eyes at it (yes, my prior serious stuff I do this with...) In the past my serious stuff was just that... too serious, and in the end didn't make for a good script/short film... I spent $400 on a student film that now feels dumb and clishe' (but I love the warmth of the film stock I used... color reversal was fun)

Just sent out an email to the whole office where I work about the upcoming Lustful Youth play, and within five minutes already had people asking for more information on it. Plus, it had Tony's kick ass poster in it (which surely caught their eye)!

I had to update my project for Database class because the teacher revised stuff that he wanted done. So, I had to adjust my IPO table and my Flowchart. The Charter will be adjusted later as well to fit the new design of the program. I then continued on to design the simple backdrop for the Menu system. I like it, but don't know how the rest of the team will feel about it (or if there will be any response what so ever out of them). So, probably Thursday I'll design a simple form or two and send that out as well to show what I'm imagining the program to look like! I like that part of the project, and I don't look forward at all the to programming aspect of it.

the Wildwood film festival is coming up. Wish I had more to offer it this year... ah well, If I get anything done this summer that I have in my head there will be goodies for next year. This year Project Seven, Rise of the Phoenix eps1 will play at the festival. eps2 is done, but didn't get into their hands early enough to play that one either. Doesn't matter, leaves room for other films to run. Its going to be at the Big Picture in Appleton this year. Wooo, might be even a larger screen! Yikes! Dan butt on a HUGE screen, hehehehe.

anyway, I'm at work... probably should do work stuff.


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