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gotta post... before I forget.... too much....

Wisconsin was odd this year. One week, its all cold and snow, then magically... one monday everything is 50 degrees and no snow. Odd. No more Snowboarding for me I guess. On an upside I'm performing every Saturday though. weeeee

I took my first sick day in years yesterday due to terrible headaches... Sucked all day long yesterday.

Finally, got off my ass and started writing a play for Venture Theater. I didn't take proper notes while brainstorming and what I wrote didn't end up being exactly what I wanted... but I'm going to try and salvage. Write club has moved to Sundays... I've got to attend them again, I miss it (although I only got to go a few times in the past I enjoyed it throughly).

Probably haven't mentioned... but I hate school. It started over spring break. I detest going. Tonight, for example... we draw for hours. Pencil on paper. boooring... sure, I can hone my drawing skills a little, but that isn't worth the money I'm spending on this class. Not to mention it is a 5 hour class. Friday nights are even worse. I have a second VB class! Another 5 hours of hell. I don't like programming. With examples I can do it... I just don't like it. Plus, I don't know how I will use this in the future unless I go out of my way to find uses for VB.

Plus, the VB class has a large project due at the end of the quarter. Guess who has done all of the work for it so far... yup, ME. All I get is complaint from the group leader that I'm not allowing anyone else to do anything. Well, he can take his 19 year old ass, and lick it all night long while playing Kingdom Hearts 2 for all I care.

my train of consiousness has been broken by conversation...


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