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What I remember of my dream was being backstage of a show... don't know if it was a musical (in dreams it usually is), or just a play. Either way, I was not the lead role... I was the supporting role... I was watching the show and going through lines in my head... I think it was opening night and I was making sure I had all my lines memorized, to which I was very happy with myself that I had all my lines down and that the process of memorizing went so well. Anyway, I return to watching the production from behind some curtains. It was very simple, but nice. In fact I forgot to change into my full costume because I was into watching the show.

A girl on the crew stands next to me and we talk about the show. I mention that the only thing that would make the show better would be to drop the curtains on the skylights... or something. She agrees and walks off.

There is a song (I guess it was a musical afterall), and at the climax of the song someone drops the curtains on the skylights... which aren't just skylights, practically the whole audience area is covered by large, ornate windows. It was awe-inspiring to see that. Whoever did that also hit all these accent lights too, which only enhanced how it looked. The show was going on at dusk, so the sky wasn't bright, but you could see the red-linnined clouds and stuff... all the colors in the dream were so well matched and everything was just beautiful.

everything stopped and I soaked in the look of that theater. If I could ever build a theater... I'd want it to look like that dream.


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