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I'm going to try and convey as much as possible here...

Started with me flying a small airplane with my father. At some point my father wants to show off his awsome skills at flying and takes over. Well, he flyes all crazy, and I cannot watch. Before long I notice we are skimmy over or through the Tower Drive Bridge. I look over and he is nose diving tward the Fox River. The dream pulls out into a camera angle over the plane as it dives, then changes to a close up of my fathers hands pulling back on the yoke and pulls out far enough to reveal that we pulled up enough not to hit the water....

but then we do.

There wasn't a crash, but I did have to wade out of the river. When I got to shore I was disgusted. I was covered with black junk from the water. (This doesn't suprise me because after all it IS the Fox river) I need to wash up something fierce.

As I make my way through town I notice that there are a lot of people frantic. As I look around I also notice that it seems like water levels have risen. There are news crews doing reports and stuff. People are packing up stuff to drive to higher ground etc. I bump into my father is is also okay, and we decide that we need to get to our respective homes. Problem is we are on the East side of Green Bay, and we both live on the west side of the Fox.

So, my father gets into a van and opens the opposite door for me and we are going to drive over the nearest bridge. Problem is that one of the live trucks that is doing a report on the rising water... oddly enough on the same bridge, is underwater itself, but still working. They are covering the efforts being done to protect the bridge so people can make it to the other side of the river in town. The bridge itself is currently up, and spinning, and turning... all things bridges don't really do. Eventually, it lies down so we can cross. As we drive across it, it collapses. Why? because there is suddenly a water vortex below it sucking everything into it.

The van, my father, and I fall into the vortex. This time I cannot shut my eyes. My father on the other hand cannot open them. I watch as we should be hitting the bottom of the river, but we don't and the vortex inverts and spits us out somewhere else.

The next thing I know is that I'm in a building that seems to be made of an off white plastic. Everything is the same color. We are even wearing robe-ish kinda clothes of the same color. When I say we... I mean me. When I wake up alone in a room there is one sheet of note paper. Written on it are two rules. 1 - You must communicate with your mind and 2 - ( I don't remember).

My first instict is to think that we have been captured by aliens... Once I clear my head I leave the room where I am staying in. I am run through what could be compared to a prison/military type initian type process. I am fed, given extra clothes... etc. The whole time I'm trying to communicate with others using my mind... but it never works, and I never hear anything with my mind either. All that I know is that there will be some sort of punishment if I verbilize to communicate.

Part way through the day I am paired up with four other people to solve a problem. The problem would probably be easy to solve if we could all just talk to each other... but we can't. A woman starts to say something, but someone from around the corner threatens dicipline, and she stops. So, we set up a way to try and talk to solve the problem through mime and gestures. Which doesn't cause a problem.

At the end of the day we are sent to the Cashier to recieve the day's pay. No one is paid the same, but we don't know what we did to affect our pay. Ahead of me, oddly enough, is Christian. She gets a fist full of money. Seriously, it was probably over a hundred dollars. Shocked, she tells the Cashier to keep it. That she doesn't know what she would use it for here. Behind her I suggest that she keeps it since we don't really know what is going to happen. We might need it for something. But she doesn't seem to care. I end up with like thrity dollars.


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Dec. 20th, 2005 02:49 am (UTC)
Holy crap. I am totally you're dream pimp!! I'm makin da cash and rolling in dough baby!! YEAH!! Dreams are really weird sometimes. I should dig out my dream dictionary and figure out what all that means. too funny. I have a feeling I am gonna have some freaky dream tonight too....hrmm we shall see.
Dec. 20th, 2005 01:15 pm (UTC)

If you want more to decipher, I've got over a year's worth of dreams written down...

sometimes almost too messy to read though...
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