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I pick and pull


that "snow storm" was pretty weak. I shoveled after work yesterday... I'm going to shovel again today since I don't feel like yanking on the cord of the snow blower 100 times and not getting it to start again.

I started up this other journalish type thing called Multpilicity or something. Easier way to share photos it would seem... I don't fully understand the photo and picture thing here in LJ, I'm sure now that I have 10GB of space I should use it. A LOT. It will be a good thing for me to put lots of funs stuff in my jounral again.. like pictures in posts and stuff... things I couldn't do with crappy ass Yahoo photos.

Christmas cards went out on Monday. If you don't recieve one, its because I lost your address, or never had it... Lots of people still on the list to recieve Ecards although not NEARLY as cool as real mail. Specially since they came with pictures of my pets!

Colby called the other day, but I wasn't home. :(

There needs to be a day that Colby, Chewie and I all get together have a few drinks and just talk. It'll probably wont happen anytime soon since Colby is in Guam and Chewie is in Germany. (Colby will be moving to Pope AFB for his next uhhh tour?...er whatever its called)

I'm voicing tonight at Comedy City. I haven't voiced in awhile and I'm glad I get to do it. I love being on stage and all, but sometimes I like hanging in the back of the crowd to do sound effects and play music.

and... I have 20 minutes to burn before work is done...


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Dec. 15th, 2005 09:12 pm (UTC)
multiply.com, yah i think they emailed you because of me...

it's my second one. you can upload like so many photos a month, but dude, IT's FREE! and it has cool storage space, journals, stuff like that. it's alot nicer than many of the sites. granted you can't like do anything crazy with the website itself in the layouts but it's nice to have storage for a shitload of photos. i have almost 40 albums in my other multiply username account and each of those has 20-50 photos in each. and they are LARGE photos. so, it's cool. i'm happy plus you can use it for address URL's to your livejournal pages.

not like tripod that just ends up saying TRIPOD on the image...

i haven't even begun the xmas cards thing. i bought them, but i haven't touched them since. i should really sit and fill out cards for family and friends. i'm soo broke this year!
Dec. 15th, 2005 09:40 pm (UTC)
It is hard to find time for cards, but I made sure to make time for it.

If I figure out how to take better advantage of my 10 gigs here at lj, I will probably use that more, but multiply.com just seems to have an easier setup when it comes to pictures and video. So, I can post my videos too, without Angelfire complaining that I'm using my space only for storage. (Bastards)
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