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This isn't a whole dream account, just what I stored after waking up.

I apparently recieved a copy of House of Cosbys DVD with a special secret episode on it. After watching the secret episode I discovered that it was actually next month's episode and the final episode. This made me, and the people at Ubisoft very sad.

then, there was stuff in the middle I don't remember well... but,

I got a hotel room. It was number 141, which was actually on the second floor. After sliding my card to open the door I entered a dark room. Instantly three sets of red lights turned on in the room, well, they were more like laser sights. They locked on to me and a robotic voice ordered me to show my room cridentials. I didn't know what my room cridentials were, so after about three warnings that these "robots" would open fire if I didn't show them, I lifted up my room key card. I then switched to the robot's point of view with a whole HUD setup and stuff... It scans my key card, but the robot registers that the key is not for this room and that it will now open fire. So, instead of being killed by this robot, I grabbed a baseball bat out of nowhere and clobbered the three room robots before they could get me. Next, I proceeded down to the lobby and back to the desk to complain about the robots. They man working appologised and didn't understand why they didn't work properly. I told him that I smashed them as well, and he didn't like that too much.


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