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Final Fantasy X

So, it took me until last night to finally finish FFX. I put about 70hrs into it. Am I proud? I don't think it warranted 70hrs... but thats the price to pay I guess.

My digression here is mainly about the end. I liked that it wasn't over done. Like FF3 (american), that went on for about a half hour. FFX was short and to the point. I thought it was a nice closure. If I hadn't spent the extra time leveling up my characters, I think I would have been more into the on-going plot, but the last few boss characters would have been much harder (haha, Anima kicks ass).

*Spoiler* (riiiiiight)

I just remembered the scene at the end where Yuna runs at Tidus, but falls through him. I think that was nice, followed with the shot of Yuna laying on the ground realizing it is true.

Rikku was very well animated too.

Auron's departure was very well done.

Wakka, Kimari and Lulu were blah... like most of the game.

So, I leave with this nice fluffy feeling in my belly and instantly move on to FFX-2. I start up a new game (yes, I waited until I finish X before doing anything in X-2), and proceeded to laugh my ass off! So far its frikken hilarious! I can see why some people gave it a bad review (it is very similar to bad chick action movies like Charlie's Angels), but I like it so far. It also drives me nuts that I have to think faster in battles now! Ack. Rikku went hippie too, hehehe.

Anyway, I'm supposed to be editing right now... I'm just delaying the inevitable.


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