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Open Water

The movie is not that good until they get in the water. Then it is good.

My wife is such a wuss. She was very scared while watching it.

Tonight we are watching Garden State! Wheee!

Tomorrow is the first day of a week vacation! I'm not going to do ANYTHING... I say that now.

I want to keep writing though. I haven't done enough of that. I had hoped to finish the short novel before the new year... but my writing fell flat on its face after I finished re-doing the outline.

(sigh) Hopefully, this time around the energy stays with me and I can tackle a few chapters over that week.

Also, clean up an outline for a short film I may be working on over the summer. (fingers crossed)


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Jan. 5th, 2005 08:19 am (UTC)
garden state is such a good movie. i really liked it. but i guess i like those kinds of movies. usually i'm kind of picky...

i hope you have a good vacation!

how do you think that novel is turning out overall? short film? i am thinking about going to school to become a cinemaphotographer..
Jan. 8th, 2005 03:13 am (UTC)
Garden State was a good movie! I now own it. as well as the CD.

So far I haven't done much on my vacation... so its going pretty well...

The novel is ahead of me. I'll say that. I just need to work on it late at night when I really get going in that mood and I'll be on track.

The short film is up in the air as of now. I need to discuss more stuff with another guy. We may do my story or his, or a combination of our stories into one. He has the better camera, I have more equpitment overall though. He just got a cheap (realitivly) glide cam for christmas, so he does have that over me.

Going to school for cinemapohgraphy should be thought of this. Go to school to network. Gain tons of friends, and know their friends. This way you know tons of people doing stuff, and you can use that to get yourself work. Then, worry about the actual learning of the tools of the trade - because that is all school can really teach you... the rest must be uncovered with hands on time.

yatta yatta... :)
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