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New Toy

Well. My PC is slowly dieing. So, I needed a new toy of sorts. I wanted portable, so I decided on a Pocket PC.

I was first entranced by Hp's new ipaq, but after a second look-through of products discovered that the Dell Axim had a slightly better performance rating, and was almost half the price. So, I decided to get one of those. I ordered it on Monday with a nice 30% off sale and waited to get the email conformation. That took two days, and when I received it I checked the estimated time of shipment.

This is the point I get angry.

Estimated time of shipment is November 1st.


So, I call up the company. Wait for twenty minutes. Get a lady who insists I'm at the wrong part of the customer support area (after specifically pushing all the correct buttons to get there), and puts me on hold for another line which lasts a half hour and gets me no where.

I try the extension number I'm given for a specific person to handle my order. He doesn't speak English, nor is he in the office AND HIS VOICE MAIL IS FULL. So, I can't even leave a message. I get hung up on by the automated service.

So, I give up because I have Improve practice.

Today, I go online and try doing the chat customer support. I get a person. Who tells me it is going to take an extra two weeks because a major component is on back order.


A business puts a hot item on sale, and doesn't have the pieces to fulfill all orders promptly! Who the hell is running Dell anyway?!?!

So, now I've got to wait probably three to four weeks before I'm going to get my Axim X30.

I should have just ordered a new desktop, it would probably be finished by now and shipping tomorrow.

This is BS.


Joe Black

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