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This time around....

I'v made statements in the past that would back action done by the president. He did have the right to send troops to Iraq on his own. 90 days of deployment under the order of the Commander and Chief. It was up to Congress to decide if they should continue with the course of action or not. We all know how they voted. Now, at this point things are bad in Iraq and not looking good. Does Congress drop their support of the troops in Iraq or do they continue their support hoping someone with a brain on their shoulders will be able to work something out over there. I say SUPPORT, like they did. You cannot send troops and then say, 'oops, that was a mistake' and pull all support. If congress did MORE WOULD DIE - and not just American troops. I knew what I was saying and still stand by the support to the extent of riding Iraq of Saddam Hussein. The world cannot sit back and let a dictator make a mockery of world government. The United Nations is a pathetically weak organization - I remember hearing on a news wire that someone from the inside of the UN had said corruption was rampant in the organization... then mysteriously nothing else. (Kinda makes me wonder, how about you?) Lets just call that the silver lining of a horrible judgment based off of faltering Intelligence organizations in the United States (Don't be sad, they are working on that one) is the capture of Saddam.

I might be getting a little off track even beginning with this, but whatever. My point is, I do not pass judgment completely on political party. I look at decisions and propositions that are best for the level of government (when it comes to presidential it includes both national and worldwide proportions). In this regard I do like the aggressiveness of the Republican politicians about doing something now instead of sitting on our haunches, but I do not like the carelessness that has followed with the aggressiveness. careless aggression is BAD, not evil. The republican party and the president are not evil. Okay, now that I sound horribly attached to the republican party, let me continue.

I live in Wisconsin. I like the governor: Jim Doyle(D). He has great ideas that are sadly squashed by republicans in the state senate. I like Russ Feingold(D): The man who actually read the Patriot Act. I also like another senator, Mark Green(R): Major supporter for troops and veterans.

Now, I am a swing voter I guess because I am unaffiliated with any political party and need more than the garbage that the Republicans and Democrats are trying to feed us in their campaigns to make my decision. (I once registered under the Independent ticket, but after reading their party's manifesto decided I didn't like everything it said and didn't sign on again after moving.) So, I am going to watch the debates closely and eagerly. I visited both candidates' websites and was let down. George Bush's website after 10 minutes is flat, boring, and difficult to navigate to get the information I desire. John Kerry's site is slightly less flat, still boring, but much easier to navigate. If I had to vote based off of websites... and there were only these two candidates I would have to swing Kerry's way, although the information I desired (what Kerry is going to do in office), was only found after reading through negative information about Bush (which is ample, and probably justifiable - but isn't negative press still press? This is your website, don't spend 60% of it talking about the other guy). In the end it feels like the George Bush site offers more for people with a general scope and don't want to dig into juicy details while Kerry's site offers plenty of details - but sadly topped with too much Bush bashing.

I think why I am posting this is because I am sick of the campaigning. I work in Television news and I have to deal with it every day and it is LAME. Its a bunch of 'look at me' and no substance on either side. With debates (although flawed in their own ways) at least force the candidates to think, and not just field questions from people hand picked from their political party like they do on all these campaign stops. YES, they do stack the deck at the campaign stops so when news covers it people say "wow, everyone there likes that candidate. I should like him too." Sadly, it works too.

Now, I don't think I have that much more to say on the issue that I created by myself with no prompting from anyone - so sorry if you have read this and have become bored... because usually I don't just blab here since after I left the military and college I haven't had all that much time to write here.

Just that... please don't vote based on political party. Do not vote based on one issue. BUT, PLEASE VOTE and vote and educated vote.

Do your research. Do it knowing that you can't trust everything on TV, internet or what you read. People do lie or not reveal the whole truth.

Yup. I could go on for some time on political business... but it isn't warranted. I'm going to leave now.


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