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Work work work....

Well... It turned into a kinda long day at work... long as in regular hours since we had a ratings party today for the morning show ( #1 for two straight bookings). So, we jumped over to Curly's in Lambeau Field's Atrium. Big portions, and good. I'm still kinda full 7 hours later. Mainly because it was on business's credit card! hehehehe.

After that I had to mow the lawn, but for some reason the utilities people love tearing up the back yard, and I had to wait for them again today. So, I go to Sears and pick up some more needed utensils for lawn and home care. Took the tree pruner/trimmer and took care of all the low hanging branches, then finished mowing the back lawn. After that took Ivy for a walk (my over grown puppy - 2 years old white German Shepherd).

Got back, and since it was more like a run than a walk, took a shower.

Doesn't seem like much... but when you get up at 3:30am... well, I've been going for about 15 hours now, and I need to play some Tactics or watch some more Family Guy to unwind.

FAMILY GUY IS HILARIOUS!!! I knew this before, but I didn't get to see all the episodes until the DVDs were released.

PICTURES, yes. Wedding pictures and stuff WILL be posted on Yahoo briefcase sooner or later. I want to do this, but I fill my days up with too much extra crap... or I take an accidental long nap after work.

ummm... yeah... Thirsty...


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