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Today's word of the Day


pretty much nails my work on the head.

Working with home video footage isn't fun, specially when you cannot import sound.

I always need more footage. I'm going to force the band to get more home video footage this week or something.

Live shots are causing troubles too. It looks like I may have to attend a May 17th or 30th show because I'm done traveling with the band.

As for the DVD. Intense, but I have a great learning curve and will have a simple menu design laid out. Nothing extravagant, but fitting the "2nd Hand Productions" name non-the-less.

People on the Band's website, and in person, seem very excited about it. I don't know if any other local bands have done a DVD, so I guess it is a new thing for everyone! Like back when CD burners were new.

My brain hurts from trying too hard. I need something to eat... haven't munched on something for lunch yet. Food, then back to work.

In personal world.... Wedding is slowly making its way forward. Lots of stamps and envelopes. Purchased a wedding band on Saturday. nice and simple titanium band, kinda dull look to it.

I'm trying my best to have fun at work. Sometimes guys on the floor crew don't lighten up enough. I goofed around and did some fun stuff on air. Overall the show was much more fun and that is what a morning show needs, FUN.


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