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seeing the protestors on tv

I just hope that if something does happen that the American public does not respond to the military like they did in Vietnam.

A war isn't something that GIs should be blamed for. Continue blaming politicians. Don't take it out on the guy who if he says no will either be jailed for a looooong time or killed for treason.

I remember what it was like to be in the military after 9-11. Now I hear random stories of how people have done a 180 on them. How pathetic it is when people love the military when they are afraid, but when they feel in control and far from harm they dislike it.

Remember, when I was growing up I had no like for the military either. I did enlist, and I would never go back. But you damn well better show a little consideration for those who are military members with families. They sacrifice so much, and get so little in return.

so please, please.

if America does go to war. Support the troops! Even if you think we shouldn't be at war in the first place. Support that young man or woman who is doing what they are ordered to do. Feel lucky that this nation doesn't enforce military enlistment like some others do. (I'm not saying I'm against or for that sort of thing)

Also remember who Saddam is. He not a lap dog. He's intelligent and deceiving. He likes weapons and using them against people who can't protect themselves.

North Korea. They can say all they want, but in the end they don't have shit against another country. All they are after is relief money from other countries after they entice them in to attack.

Osama. I'd put my money on that he is dead. Or that he has cut and dyed his hair, shaved and moved to some island where he will send out an order here and there while he disappears from everyone's memory (Only to pop up again for one last whorah before all is said and done). But, I still think he's dead.

Where is the country going. Another democratic president. Politics suck. The people need to elect a woman running on the independent ticket.

and yeah... look online for another job... la la la...


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Feb. 27th, 2003 04:50 pm (UTC)
very well said.
i'm so sick of hearing people call my husband a murderer just because hes in the military.
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