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There was a race of a bunch of those new VW Bugs. My team's car clunked out before the race or something... and I walked off with this girl to check out the local area, that looked like a mix between a modern American city and an old German village. It was nice.

There was a carnival in town. At one tent we hung out and watched the show. The girl I was with was convinced that a performer in the show was interested in me. I didn't believe her, but she managed to convince me to talk to the performer after the show. I just struck up a normal conversation, but she was willing to hang out and talk with me. For some reason we were walking around while talking, and eventually made our way back to the tent she had been performing at. Once there, I noticed that there was an ice rink there now (complete with hockey lines).

The performer girl got all happy and wanted to go out on the ice. I hadn't been on ice for years, so I agreed. I couldn't stay on my feet for the life of me. I had my steel toed boots (not military) on, and that made it worse since they have a really hard bottom. I fell quite a bit, and she found it funny.

I was about to give up, but when I looked off to the side of the ice I noticed all the other performers watching. They were all happy for their friend who had a guy showing interest in her. I couldn't just walk away, she was pretty after all. So, I didn't leave the ice.

I managed to get better footing and keep standing now. Music was piped into the place. It was a slow song, so the girl and I did our best to dance on the ice (it was much easier to stand this way as well).

about all I remember.
now, to piece it all together for all of you.

VW Bugs -- The game Chewie and Ana play.
Ice Rink -- San Fran's ice rink
Whole dancing thing -- Chapter in Lord of Chaos where almost the same thing happened to Matrim Cauthorn.
Germany -- I like the place
Carnival -- There was a tent-like place along the pier in San Fran as well

its nice when you can know where it all comes from.


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