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This morning I had a dream that I was driving around this area where there were a bunch of schools. Crossing guards were EVERYWHERE!

On one corner alone there had to be four.

anyway, One stops me. I look around and the only kid I see is about a block or two away yet. I mention this to the crossing guard, who notices, is about to let me by, then changes his mind again. In the meantime, traffic in the opposite direction is allowed to pass.

RRRRRR Evil Crossing guards of my dreams!

Then, I magickaly transported to my parent's place. I had a room in the basement, which was about 3 times bigger now. I went into a room that I thought was one of my friends, but it was some new guy. There were new people everywhere in teh dorms area. I noticed they were all Air Force. I go upstairs, and outside. Here, a bunch of Air Force reservists were moving in. I asked them if they checked for room at billeting, or downtown and they said both were full. I couldn't believe it.

I start talking to a reservist. At the same time one guy is looking for some help and flags down a local cop. The cop thinks something is going on. I talk to the same reservist about the cops in Pulaski, and tell him to look around he'll see more. Sure enough I point out at least four more cop cars that circle around. I tell him its because its a small town and this is excitement for them. He laughs.

anyway.... No reservist or I will be moving in to my parents place!


Joe Black

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