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Its going to be tough this winter. I'm going to have to take on all of Kristen's bills. She is going to be working full time with her 6 months of internships, but having a good job for the weekends.

I'm just worried I'll get all in a fluster over the fact that money wont be so readily available.

She asked if I will be happy. and I told her I couldn't answer that. I don't know.
I said that if there are enough people distracting me, and keeping me busy, I will be enjoying myself more and many more things will be not so bothersome.

With this in mind I also told her that if I had pushed to stay in CA that it would have been worse. Once again, I would have to take on her bills because she would be racking her time studying to get her board exam out of the way... and bills would only be higher in CA, and there wouldn't be people to distract me like there would be in WI.

Its funny how true that line from Fight Club is... 'Were all raised to believe we will be rock stars and millionaires' or something like that... but its true...in a fashion. and instead of me getting pissed off about it... I just seem to be sad about it. Upset that it doesn't just come... and on the same token I don't want it all to fall into my lap without effort.

On top of it all I don't have a bachelor's degree yet... and that is a stifle to getting a good job.

and its going to be cooooold in WI! 30 degrees colder than here! BURRRR!

anyway... I've got to go to school early and try and get my footage off the computers and pray that it works!


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