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stupid school!!

There are 20 computers in the AVID lab.

There are between 80 - 120 students alone in the Visual Storytelling classes.
There are between the same number of students for 3 to 4 other classes that use the lab for the AVID program.

Now, on the same computers are 3D Studio Max and Sonic Foundry's Vegas Audio.
The Audio classes are not allowed in the AVID lab... but the 3D animation classes are.

As of late the lab has classes in it all the time! They are usually posted the day of the class, and the times are NEVER right.

Tonight the post said until 4pm. I walked in a 745pm, and there was a class!

From what I hear from the students that live on campus, that they have to get there around 3am, then wait at the back of the room for a computer to open up in order to use AVID.

There is something wrong when the students who want to use the AVID lab for using AVID cannot because they keep "renting it out", its starting to affect people's work being turned in.

stupid.... arg makes me upset. When I find time in my day to drive in and I have to be turned away because they just posted this morning that there will be a class in there tonight, but the post says only until 7pm and its already 10pm and they are still there....


never mind....

I'm also a little let down that whenever I want to talk to Kristen, her stupid ass cell phone's battery dies. When it doesn't matter if I talk to her its fine....

So, I'm sitting around wanting to hang out / chat with someone and I can't....


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Oct. 11th, 2002 05:51 am (UTC)
finally got a couple xl-1s and the Xpress DV systems.

my shoulders are thanking me already. DVCAM's were meant for football players goddamit

don't have a transcoder to digital shit though...

Is the school worth it? I've always been interested in learning more of the craft but I hate school and I fear it would be a disappointment...
Oct. 11th, 2002 12:31 pm (UTC)
It is very profitable for what I learn from my professors. One of them, Harry, has been nominated for an Emmy or something a few times and is VERY good. My audio professor works a lot on stuff and what little extra I have learned has been a definate Benifit!

Editing professor, he is cool and I'm learning that working with other people's shots is a lot harder than editing your own. Specially when you have no idea what they were going for.

If I can finish my degree in film I definately will. Do I think it is necessary. No. Most of editing, shooting and stuff can be done by feeling it out. That is how I had done it up till I started taking film classes last year.
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