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odd unemployment


I managed to apply to places earlier in the week this time around, and I sent off my bi-weekly report to the EDD two days early. Hoping that I will get paid on Monday instead of Tuesday.

Monday rolls along, and I get the expected letter from the EDD... check.... NOPE.

I was sent a copy of the same form as the last bi-weekly report. With it there is a note.

"Your last report was received early. You can only be paid after such and such date. This is a copy of the same form. Fill it out and return before such and such date."


They sent me a form to fill out the exact same information on because they received mine early. So, now I probably will have to wait till Thursday or Friday until I get my check! BAH!!!! I'm running out of SOUP!!! Every-other week I'm eating more and more because of this lovely Unemployment, and now they are screwing me because they received my report EARLY!!!!!

it doesn't pay to try and make things easier on people sometimes.

but, don't think that I'm bitter. I love these checks. They keep me fed. The government implementing this is very good for people who cannot find work. YES, I AM looking for work. and NO, nobody is hiring. NOT video rental stores, Pet stores, Game stores.... etc... there is just no one hiring.

If I were back in Green Bay by now I would almost assuredly have a job. Either at Fox 11, because there was a job opening earlier that I could have done on the production side. Or, at the Gateway Store.... both full time jobs too.

man... at least I'm making it by financially for the moment. If I would stay out here I would be selling all my possessions before long to make up for debt. The cost of living is just too damn high.

I was talking to Kristen last night... I mentioned that at that moment I didn't know why on Earth I would want to return to Wisconsin... It was perfect outside last night. PERFECT. I could have slept out there. Yet, I'm going to Wisconsin... were they are already bundling up because of cold weather. Ack... I'm going to freeze when I return. I'm so used to California weather from living out here for the past 4 years.

ah well... She reminded me. "Do you want to be warm and poor. Or alittle cold and not-so-poor?" Which comes down to... this... stay here and pay $950 for a one bedroom apartment or return to Green Bay and rent a two bedroom duplex for $600... hmmmmm...

It'll be nice to be around with Lee, Tina, Eric and Kristen most of the time as well. I don't know exactly what Dan is doing.. he got an apartment in Kenosha, so he'll probably stay down there. Zimlord was talking about going to Grad school in California... and I don't know what Christy would be doing after school ends. Jamie wants to live in California too. Moe is already in Boston, and I hardly ever see Jim.... Aaron is in Silicon Valley currently, but from what I hear when him and his wife decide to have kids they'll return to the midwest as well.

But like John Madden said on Monday Night Football. "Its the Mid-west. There is corn everywhere, and stuff. And these people just love life."

Its true mostly. Cept for the corn... corn isn't everywhere...


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Oct. 8th, 2002 05:02 pm (UTC)
You have to send your form in on the day it says to turn it in. My BF's check is due every other Sunday. It's weird. Then he gets his money on the following Friday or Saturday.

UE sucks because you have to play by their stupid rules.
Oct. 8th, 2002 08:56 pm (UTC)
yeah... I just found it odd, that sending it in early was bad... and I guess they throw it away like they can't keep temporary files or anything...

Oct. 14th, 2002 09:27 pm (UTC)
Seriously, you should try coming back for a year or two and then going back to Cali when things are more profitable (aka. move out here, make money, then migrate back). Oh yeah, and if you move out this way before Nov. 8 you could come to the 21+ battle of the bands we'll be playing in Sparta.

*laughs at self*

Ok, I really don't want you to come back to the mid-west unless you really feel like you want or need too. I'm just a big geek who likes his rock band...
Oct. 15th, 2002 03:21 pm (UTC)
Re: Joe!!!
That is actually the plan. Get back to the mid-west. Gain financial stability and some indie work under my belt, then move my way back out again, or to another metropolitan area where film is big at.
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