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Here waiting

First off, I wish to apologize to a friend about poking my nose in and giving my opinion of war... I had wanted to tell someone my views... in my own journal or in person... but, I know about 3 people here in college that I see for about 2 hours a week... and it wasn't meant to provoke you or anything... I'm just a little biased. Coming from a home where my fater was a Marine, and I had just passed from my military service. I agree with your views on Canada though, but it does have a flaw (Canadians are in Afganistan. They did put their nose into it. And we blew them up -on accident of course-).

I want to play Morrowind. just loose myself in another world right now. I think that is why I'm reading so much right now. I love reading the Wheel of Time because of its construction. Most fantasy novels don't have the debth (save the Lord of the Rings triology). Some people still claim that Mr. Jordan is too verbose and long winded for his own good. My reply is this. Think about what it is to be a fantasy world... Everything is larger... more beautiful... more extravegant! He reflects that in his writing style and I think its perfect. What I do agree with is the fact there are been whole books that just seemed blah and its a shame. But... keep in mind while in these editions there is a lot of walking and talking, but no action.... he is setting something else up. Yes, a book or two at 800 pages is a HELLOFVALONG setup... but the series will be at 10 books come this winter when the next edition comes out.

I'm also imagining taking the art of Studio Ronin and making a short film out of it. That would be the perfect starter film (with some exceptions). I look at the preproduction expenses on the most minimal side... nearly $2500 - $3000 just to get started with minimal equipment. I wonder if I can take out a small business loan for this?

I've still got a half hour before I can go to the Gold Room and pick up my stuff. Then, go and digitize all my stuff for editing class. I hate the boring editing work... last week we had to log all 50 fucking clips... now its digitize the damn clips. Talk about boring. Luckily I didn't break the timecode on the tape to make sure I can batch transfer the clips into the computer this time for SURE!

I love days I'm in class and see people... talk and smile with them... I hate the days that I don't have school because there are only people I don't really care to hang around with... and I have no will to go anywhere anymore because I don't like going places alone... because its not nearly as fun. Movies, sure... I could go to those alone all the time... but nothing is showing I want to see... or feel comfortable going out to see because of my money status.

Speaking of... the financial aid office wants my last paystub from the military. Well, guess what. I haven't recieved it! booyah. If I don't get one, ordering one will take FOREVER. So, the military might just screw me yet! we'll see I guess.


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Sep. 12th, 2002 03:42 pm (UTC)
I hear ya on that.
It's very tricky to talk to someone about war. Because in fact, it is like talking about politics. I am just an instrument of diplomacy. Even if it is "gunboat diplomacy". I very much dislike to discuss it. I find that even between services, people's opinions on war, and warfare vary drastically. In fact, I think that even yours and mine may be worlds apart. Bottom line though, is that no matter how passive everyone is, there will ALWAYS be someone in charge, and SOMEBODY is not going to agree with their views, and hence... eventually, war.

But sometimes, you just have to let someone know what's going on inside yer head.
Sep. 12th, 2002 07:55 pm (UTC)
Re: I hear ya on that.

Sep. 12th, 2002 11:14 pm (UTC)
its ok!!! I wasn't offended... we're allowed to have different opinions and still be friends!
Sep. 13th, 2002 01:53 pm (UTC)
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