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Pulp Fiction

On the Special Edition DVD of Pulp Ficiton there is a deleted scenes area. For most of the comments on them I would like to smack Quentin upside the head and tell him to just lay it out and stop trying to act like such a idiot.... I guess I don't like him so much as his work...


There is a scene where they blew up some footage shot on a hi-8 camcorder. Its in black and white, high contrast... but it looks decent. And he said, if there are people who want to make movies... just shoot on hi-8 and blow it up to film. I got to see hi-8 blown up to 35mm and it doesn't look all that bad.

Now, I didn't see Full Frontal. I want to see what color looks like... before I actually commit to anything.

I'm glad though... because I have a digital camera, which is better than a hi-8. So, it should look even better blown up.

On that note... I started outlining my screenplay for the short story Markhiem. Very nice little story. Nothing extrodinary in it... the biggest thing may be if I want a glass counter to "smash" someone's face into or not... Either way, that may be the biggest thing of the film.

Who would star in this film? Well... as it looks right now I would like Dan G. to play Markhiem, Jim B. to play mysterous man. There is an older man who is the shop keepr, his servant girl and Markhiem's love interest that I would have to find people to play.

I'm not sure how much liberty I'm going to take with the story... hopefully not too much. But, I am going to change the order to build more suspence.

I've got a few locations in my head to use as well...

just have to follow through with it this time, and do it right. No cutting corners or sluffing off.

awwwhhh crap... my mind is getting away on me... now I'm thinking and not writing.


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